Do You Mind? Cultivating Mindfulness in the Classroom (Presentation for CEESA Dubrovnik Educators Conference)

A year ago I was presenting at NESA Spring Educators Conference in Bangkok on Third Culture Kids and the constantly changing and rapidly moving lives our International Students lead around the world.

As a TCK myself, I have begun to realize that although my nature is to go, go, go, and constantly explore the world around me, sometimes I need to “go nowhere,” to quote my kindred spirit, Pico Iyer. (Where is home? The Art of Stillness)

Sometimes I need to be still.

For me, yoga, meditation and breathing have been my way to find my center in my ever-changing world. For others, it may be running, reading, writing, or just going to the gym. As a teacher though, I wanted to share my experience with others and with my students.

Now I am presenting at CEESA Educators Conference in Dubronvik, Croatia. Below is my on-going learning and experimental experience with Mindfulness in the Classroom.