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That One Time…When Rome knocked me down, then picked me right back up

Part I, as told on Instagram:  I’m breaking my “I never post pictures out of order” rule to give the latest evidence of my complex relationship with the beautiful yet even more complex… Continue reading

Three Places in Doha to Finally Find Serenity

I seem to have a love-hate relationship with every overseas post I find myself in. Sometimes I feel at home and other times it couldn’t be more obvious that I am still, and… Continue reading

Why I’m Not Ready to Bike in Amsterdam

Favorite pastime: Pretending to be a resident of my favorite international cities and doing my best to “blend in.” In Amsterdam, this obviously means whizzing by the tourists on a bike, right? I… Continue reading

I Need a Vacation From Travel

Read this one first. The school year was drawing to a close. Stress levels were finally declining. Flight reservations were confirmed. The Great Icelandic Adventure was set to begin in less than 2… Continue reading

When TCK’s Grow Up: Planning is Hard

Hawaii. China. Australia. When we lived in Japan, the traveling never stopped whether we were crossing the ocean or traveling within the borders of Nihon (Hokkaido, Okinawa, Hiroshima, Tokyo Disneyland, the list goes… Continue reading

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